A global leader in environmental, industrial and emergency response services, SEACOR collaborated with Conapro to mobilize specialists and equipment in Lebanon in order to participate in the clean up of an oil spill from the Jiyeh Power Plant during the July o6 war. Both worked together to train a significant local work force from the communities most affected by the spill. The operations did not only include cleaning the contaminated coastline, but also the local fishing and leisure crafts, as well as a number of historically extremely significant and classified sites in Byblos area.

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On behalf of EDL, Conapro has successfully completed to the full satisfaction of the client, the general overhaul of Zouk Oil Import Terminal. Full details can be read on case study.

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Conapro launched two sea lines 12 inch and 8 inch of length in 1993, each 1700 mtrs long, for Falcon International Company s.a.l. It also participated in the construction in the two phases of the tank farm construction and maintenance.
The tank farm consists of six sophisticated fixed roof tanks equipped with ultra float internal cover and one top cooling mushroom deluge nozzle among other accessories. Conapro was also for many years in charge of inspection, and maintenance of the facility, as well as the mooring and discharging of oil tankers discharging at the Falcon Terminal in Tripoli, North of Lebanon.

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