Affiliates and Partners
Dena-BMS Co. Ltd is a leading specialist involved in shipyards repairs, as well as maintenance of marine crafts and port consultancy, offering its services at Saudi Arabian ports of the Gulf and Red Sea, as well as to clients in the Middle and Far East.
Its services also include virtually all aspects of marine operation, ship repair and stevedoring services. Central to its philosophy is the constant development of its employees through education and training. Among its many multinational partners are those involved in major shipping lines and agencies, vessel brokerage and ship management, shore service companies and leading American and European marine equipment manufacturers.
Conapro Dena-BMS, recently established in Qatar, is devoted to providing both commercial and technical services to the shipping, marine oil and gas related industries, as well as operating according to a customer benefit-focused strategy.
Through its associates and many affiliate companies in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, Conapro Dena-BMS offers specialized port services, stevedoring, operation and maintenance of harbor crafts, manning of vessels, ship repair and overhaul, offshore works (including diving and underwater survey) sea front construction (i.e berth construction and repair) water treatment (desalination plants, sewage treatment plants) pipeline replacement, salvage operations, chartering of boats and vessels and oil spill recovery operations.
DENA-BMS Co. Ltd (Saudi Arabia)
One of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia with its headquarter in Dammam, they offer a range of marine services at the Saudi Arabian ports of the Gulf and Red Sea as well as for clients in Middle and Far East.
Ofices and associate companies at all major ports of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Jeddah Islamic Port, King Abdulaziz Port, Dammam, the industrial and commercial ports at both Jubail and Yanbu, and also at Ras Tanurah, Al Khafji and Dubai. Dena-Bms handles marine operations (towage, pilotage, marine control towers, and specialized crafts in major ports in KSA) ship repairs, stevedoring services, marine works.
Dena-Bms operates the King Fahed Ship Repair Yard (KFSRY) at Dammam, covering a total land area of 14.7 hectares with 2 floating docks for ships up to 45,000 DWT which includes hull repair, mechanical repairs, painting and all related marine works.
In adition to the above, Dena-Bms is specialized in the following services: Underwater works and repairs, underwater searches, surveys, investigations and recovery, cable and pipeline emplacement maintenance and repair, floating crane services, platform inspection and repair, berth and fender repairs, development, design, installation and maintenance of mooring/anchorage facilities.
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