Our History
CONAPRO SAL was initially established in 1993 due to the need for a local marine contractor to participate in the design and launching of two sea lines in addition to the erection of a four Multi Buoy Mooring for the privately owned "Falcon Oil Terminal" at Tripoli, North Lebanon.

CONAPRO SAL was then charged with the mooring and discharging operations of the oil tankers with deadweight up to 35.000 M.T at Falcon Terminal, in addition to the maintenance of the berth including sea line, submarine hoses, chains and buoys with an experienced team, seamen, divers and necessary tugboats and working boats. Conapro continued to do so until 2006, with zero incidents and complying with the OCIMF requirements.

In 1994, CONAPRO SAL was awarded the project of operating and maintaining the Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) berth for the main power station in Lebanon in Zouk area near Beirut, and was in charge of the mooring and offloading of fuel oil tankers up to 40,000 M.T for the account of Electricité Du Liban (EDL)

The following year, EDL granted CONAPRO SAL a major overhauling of the marine terminal at Zouk Power Station , which included the removal of the buoy (SBM) sand blasting it onshore, maintaining all of its internal compartments and related parts, painting it and placing it back, after maintaining the underwater swivel and PLEM, in addition to replacing the flexible hose string and all related underwater valves, the painting of the onshore sea line and the replacement of the all onshore automated valves.

In response to its growing experience in this field, CONAPRO SAL won a tender in 1997 for the maintenance and operation of a third sea berth, which is a new SPM (Single Point Mooring)for gas oil tankers up to 60,000 M.T built by Ansaldo Energia SA in Northern Lebanon for Deir Ammar combined Cycle Power Plant. Conapro was in charge of the operation and maintenance of this berth, with all related preventive and periodic maintenance works, in addition to onshore flexible hose testing, hose rotation operations and all underwater inspection and maintenance tasks, as per OEM instructions. Conapro is still to this day the operator of the above berth, subcontracted by the main Operator of Deir Ammar Power Plant, the Korean company "Kepco Lebanon"
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