Case Studies
In 1995, Conapro undertook the general overhauling of the SBM sea berth in Zouk Power Station. Key among its operations was the inspection and maintenance of the offshore section of the sea line and the related valves near the tank farms.

The power station services the heavy fuel oil through the sea berth and into four 25,000 M.T tanks on shore.

Conapro dismantled the buoy from the berth (12 m height and 120 tons weight) with specialized divers. It was then towed to shore with a large tugboat where it was cleaned from the sea growth by sand blasting, inspected for any steel deficiency, painted and equipped with all related parts, electric and mechanic.

The divers replaced the flexible 20" and 6" hoses as well as the jumper hoses at the PLEM. The sea line wall thickness was inspected and some reparations were made for the main underwater fluid swivel (30 m depth). Also, the underwater valves were replaced (20" and 6") and new sacrificial zinc anodes were placed underwater. The buoy was then placed back and the flexible hoses line reconnected.

Onshore, the pipeline was inspected for corrosion by measuring the wall thickness, after which it was then painted with several layers of epoxy paint. Moreover, the electrical 20" valves were replaced near the tank farms and the entire electrical control board for the operation was replaced and new cables were installed.

A new cathodic protection system was placed onshore to replace the old system.

The operation was done under the specified date of 30 days and all the tests were conducted successfully and the berth was placed back in operation without any delays.
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